A few years back when Airlines were competitive, then southwest was creating its own position in the economy. Being the oldest and golden airlines, southwest started flying in Dallas and Texas. Offering deep analysis in the growth of future assistance, southwest has crossed the opportunity to serve world-class accommodation in flight. Covering the fleet size of 720 to fly across 99+ destinations, southwest surrounds North America, Texas, and Washington.

Technically it sounds worth that southwest has practically contributed the best till now. Maintaining each department of the facility such as booking the flight, cancellation, and refunds, managing the booking, check-in process and many more, southwest considers a large number of unities among the passengers.

Framing more features of southwest airlines, let us know about the facts of booking the ticket,

  1. Open the official Airlines portal and further select the trip you want to take.
  2. Fill the departure and arrival cities respectively
  3. Choose the date of the journey.
  4. Type the number of passengers going to fly and then select your seat class.
  5. Find for the flights and then grab the desired flight.
  6. Make the payment procedure to book your flight ticket accordingly.

Now, how will you manage the booking?

  1. Open the official website of Southwest Airlines
  2. Choose the option of Manage Booking
  3. Move to the drop-down list of your  Bookings
  4. Choose the Booking which you would like to Manage
  5. You will be now taken to the Manage Booking screen
  6. Complete the details asked and accordingly manage the booking with true knowledge

Changing seat in southwest airlines

Southwest does not serve any selected seats for booking -- seats are grabbed first come, first in, with the advice of passenger boarding chosen based upon whenever the passenger checks in, among other sections. The worth seat in Southwest flight relies on personal needs. Passengers with connecting, flights may require sitting in the front in order to exit quickly in terms, but then there are the individuals who lower straight for the back because they are a family booked for seats along. Some people take the seat to the back with a hope of the flight won’t be full and they’ll have a row with a vacant middle seat.

Make a quick change in date and time of southwest airlines

Flight date change often relies on your kind of fare or route as per the flight availability and schedules. It is quite good that Southwest doesn’t charge any amount for a flight date change but in certain circumstances, you require paying Southwest airlines change date fee according to the airline's rules and instructions which are defined here:

Southwest airlines amount to $50 to $100 in the case of domestic the flight's date change.
In the process of the international flights' date change, $150 to $200 is being charged that also varies according to the type of ticket booked.

Also, look here for the check-in process

Starting with online web check-in –

The passenger may check-in for their Southwest Airlines (WN) flight online beginning from 24 hours and concluding at 60 minutes before the scheduled takeoff time (relying on the departure city as well as the destination) to receive the mobile boarding pass on the mobile phone or a printable boarding pass. You can go for this option:

In case you book an electronic ticket and the first flight is on Southwest Airlines (WN)
You can also counterfeit your reservation with the confirmation code, e-ticket number, or regular flyer account
In case you are not in the criteria of special needs passenger (for example a teenage or minor or traveling with a pet) 

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