Southwest brings an exclusive offer for you if you are planning to travel to any air destination with a budget flight. It is offering low-fare flights for the convenience of globally spread passengers. However, the sale is made available for four days only. These flights run to multiple cities, including Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, and Atlanta. As per Southwest Airline's low-fare calendar policy, you will be able to book Southwest Airlines' one-way flight for $45 and round trip flight for $89.96. Isn’t it amazing? Here we go with the steps required to be followed for booking a Southwest flight under the low fare calendar.

How to book a Southwest flight under the low fare calendar?

  1. Https://
  2. Open your preferred web browser and type this link in its browsing bar
  3. Southwest low fare calendar will open
  4. It will give you the chance to search for the most economical fares by month
  5. Here you need to select an option from Roundtrip, One-way, and Multi-city
  6. Enter your departure date in the DEPART row and arrival date in the ARRIVE row
  7. Now you need to enter the number of passengers in the ADULTS row
  8. Select one option from Dollars and Points
  9. Then click on Search and get the options available for your trip
  10. Book a flight for a particular date according to your choice

How can I get a discount on Southwest Airlines?

To get the benefit of seasonal and festive discounts introduced by Southwest, you are supposed to get in touch with the reservation experts elected by the airline authority. Southwest management provides effective training sessions to their reservation professionals, and world-class trainers do the job. You can contact these professionals via phone support, chat support, email support, or forum support. Driven by their domain knowledge, these professionals are known and appreciated for their flawless passenger care services.

Southwest's three-day sale will end on Thursday

Are you planning to snag cheap tickets on Southwest? The time is running out as Thursday is marked as the last day of Southwest's semi-annual mega-fare sale which has started on 20 August 2019 and end on 18 December 2019. The one-way fares under this deal are $49, $79, $99 and $129 depending on the route. So, get your ticket by Thursday!

How to Book Southwest Airlines Flights?

  1. Type the official web address of Southwest on your web browser
  2. Press the Enter key 
  3. You will see the ticket booking API on its home page
  4. Select an option from Roundtrip and One-way
  5. Enter your Departure and Arrival airports
  6. Enter your Departure date if you have selected the One-way option
  7. Enter the Departure and Return dates if you have selected the Roundtrip option
  8. Select an option from Dollars and Points for paying your fees
  9. Now you need to define the number of passengers
  10. Enter the Promo code if it applies to your reservation
  11. Click on Search and get all the options ideal for your trip

How to stay updated with Southwest low-fare sale deals?

As we have discussed earlier, Southwest management has appointed passenger care which is filled with highly experienced passenger care professionals. To serve the passengers in the most satisfactory manner, the team of passenger care professionals is divided into multiple work-specific units. These units are working as per international norms of the aviation industry, under highly experienced team leaders. One of these units is dealing with the sale deals associated with Southwest Airlines Low-Fare Calendar. You can contact this unit by visiting Southwest’s official website, by dialing the official passenger care number, or by making your chat account login. If you are expecting to get a callback or written details, please refer to drop an email to the low-fare sales deal department.

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