Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy - How to Cancel Flight Ticket

Southwest Airlines is one of the renowned low-cost airlines of the United States headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Southwest offers its services in around 101 destinations in the USA and some other travel networks in 10 countries.

So if you are planning your trip with Southwest Airlines ahead we will discuss two most important factors of your airline booking. One is Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy and the other is Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

Fortunately, Southwest Airlines has a very smooth cancellation policy for its flyers. The refund will be carried on according to the mode of purchase you have used while booking. The cancellation policy varies with the class of booking you have made. Here are some cancellation policies of Southwest Airlines:

Wanna Get Away Tickets

Wanna Get Away tickets holds little bit strict rules dealing with flight cancellations in comparison to Business Select or Anytime fares. Apart from these still it brings a sigh of relief for customers. You can easily cancel your reservation even 10 minutes before the scheduled departure of your flight.

Wanna Get Away Tickets posses’ minimum charges among all the booking classes and its one of the preferred option among individual flyers. And if you cancel a Wanna Get Away booking bought via cash, your refund will be saved as a reusable travel fund for future access.

And the important point is one must avail it within a year of ticket booking. Well, Airline can regenerate the lapsed travel funds with some added affordable amount.

You will get points in your Southwest accounts if you have purchased your booking with Rapid Reward points. All the added taxes will be further utilized for a reusable travel fund. And for future exercise of travel funds, one must use travel funds.

Business Select, Anytime and Senior Tickets

In comparison to Wanna Get Away tickets, Business Select, Anytime and Senior Tickets have exorbitant tickets but their cancellation policy is pretty relaxable. The purchase cost of your booking will be refunded to your original mode of payment.

And if you failed to cancel your flight even 10 minutes before departure of the flight, the entire reservation amount will be added to your travel fund.

Flights paid with Gift Card

Flight booking via Gift card is fully non-refundable and has contrasting policies in comparison with cash or reward points. And the termination period is earlier than the reward point or cash.