Like the cancellation policy, Southwest Airlines have a quite rejuvenating baggage policy also. Southwest permits its flyers to carry two checked pieces of baggage with them on board irrespective of the fare class selected. Here are some detailed baggage policies of Southwest Airlines:

  1. According to the carry-on baggage policy, each passenger can have one personal item and one bag free of cost.
  2. The standard dimension allowed for baggage is 10*16*24 inches.
  3. Crossing the above limitations may incur you to pay extra charges.
  4. As above mentioned you can carry two checked bags irrespective of your cabin class.
  5. The maximum weight and maximum size of the entire checked luggage are 50 lbs and 62 inches respectively.
  6. Southwest allows you to carry any sporting equipment as a substitute for a single piece of checked-in baggage.
  7. You can carry your pet with yourself and you have to pay the required amount for your pet carrier.
  8. There are certain rules and policies regarding pets and for more detailed info regarding baggage policy, you can visit their official website.

Hope this article makes you ready for all the credentials regarding the baggage policies of Southwest Airlines. You can browse their official website for much better criteria

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