Latam Airlines Manage Booking|Seat Change|Date Change

If you booked flight ticket in Latam airlines but to some reason, you need to changes on your booked ticket so don’t worry about it because it can possible by Latam Airlines Manage booking so don’t need to cancel your booked ticket just modify your booking as per choice and fly with Latam airlines. To get full details about it just following all the steps.

What Travellers can add or modify/change via Manage booking of Latam airlines?

  • Passengers easily upgrade and change their seat.
  • Travelers can book special and traditional meals.
  • Passengers can upgrade additional baggage allowances.
  • Name and date easily possible through manage booking.
  • Flight cancellation and route redirection is also possible.
  • Travelers also book the business class seat and so on.

Therefore, there are multiple things which can easily which can easily add or modify by Latam Airlines Manage booking option.

How to change date in latam airlines?

Due to some emergency, you have extended your journey date but you have booked ticket earlier and searching How to change date in latam airlines? So, don’t need to worry because latam airlines offer the opportunity date change facility. To get proper information and changing steps so just see the below presented steps.

Steps to change date in latam airlines:

  • Go to your computer or mobile device.
  • Just enter the URL in any web browser.
  • Tap on “Manage” option.
  • Just enter Reservation Code & Surname & hit the “Find Your Trip” button.
  • Then, choose your flight and hit the edit button.
  • Change your date or choose recommended date & click on continue button.
  • Choose payment method and make transaction via suitable payment option.

Moreover, Passengers will get the confirmation within 24 business hours from registered email address. But, before changing the date, travellers have to follow date change policy of Latam airlines. Passengers may be bear additional charges, if they change their booked date.

How to change seat in latam airlines?

Latam airlines offers two types of comfortable and spacious seats one is Latam+seats and another one is regular seats which can be book on the duration of booking and also possible for after booking. So, if you are interested to change your seat and finding How to change seat in latam airlines? In search engine so here, you will get right way where you can simply modify and upgrade your booked seat. Just follow the below-mentioned steps.

Steps to change or upgrade seat in Latam Airlines:

  • Just visit “My trip” option in any web browser.
  • Enter your booking number and last name then hit the find my trip button.
  • Tap on your flight and select seat position & press on continue button.
  • After then, choose Latam+ seat or Regular seat & again hit on continue.
  • Choose payment option and make payment via suitable payment mode.

Passengers can easily modify or add their booking via Latam Airlines Manage Booking but if according to the rules and regulations, travellers are allowed to change their booking before 24 hours from the schedule departure of the flight time, otherwise they can contact Latam Airlines customer service number.