Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy - How to Cancel Flight Ticket

Are you thinking to cancel your flight tickets with Alaska Airlines but have no idea about its cancellation process, policy or even refund guidelines? Well, worry not as you are not alone, and many passengers do face such situations while cancelling their reservations. Besides, many airlines such as Alaska Airlines make sure that their passengers do not face issues with their cancellations and refunds by availing their flexible travel policies.

So, before you get more frustrated with your unavoidable last minute cancellations, read this post further and get to know about how to cancel Alaska Airlines flight ticket, cancellations & refund policy and how to request refunds on the airline as well.

Steps to Cancel Flight Tickets On Alaska Airlines

Follow the steps mentioned below and cancel your flight tickets without any hassle on Alaska Airlines online.

  • Visit the Alaska Airlines official website in your web browser and then scroll to the Manage Trip tab.
  • Here, enter the passenger’s last name as well as the Booking confirmation code in their specified particulars.
  • Now, select the continue button and to fetch the booking details and then move to the Cancel Reservations button.
  • Hit the button and then follow the onscreen instructions to confirm your cancellations On Alaska Airlines

Hence, you should be able to cancel your reservations on Alaska Airlines without any difficulty. Now, here’s what is Alaska Airlines cancellation policy that you should know about.

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

  • Alaska Airlines lets you cancel its flight tickets within 24 hours prior to the scheduled departure without charging anything. However, if you cancel your flight tickets after that, then you’ll have to pay the Alaska Airlines flight cancellation fee that’ll depend on your booking type, fare type and other booking details.
  • The cancellation fee on Alaska Airlines usually is $125 per cancellations, flight change and it may vary depending on your fare type.
  • In case, if you have got your reservations booked through a travel agency, then you’ll have to contact them to cancel your flight tickets as well as for availing refunds.

Refund Policy of Alaska Airlines: Important Guidelines

Here’s what is refund Policy that you should know about before requesting refunds on Alaska Airlines.

  • As per the refund policy, Alaska Airlines only provides refunds for its eligible tickets, and if the tickets are refundable, then refund amount will be reflected in the passenger’s bank account within 7 business days after it has been processed.
  • For Alaska Airlines flight tickets that have been purchased via cash, then it’ll take around 20 business days to reflect the refund amount in your bank account credited by Alaska Airlines.
  • Alaska Airlines provide you the refund for the unused part of your bookings only and the refund will be returned through the same mode of transaction through which you have purchased the tickets.

Moreover, read further to know about how to get refund on Alaska Airlines online.

Steps to Get Refund On Alaska Airlines Online

  • Navigate to the Manage Trip tab on Alaska Airlines official website and enter the required details (booking confirmation number & passenger’s last name) in the specified fields.
  • Select Continue to fetch the details, hit the Cancel Reservations and then review if your booking is eligible for refunds.
  • If yes, then select the Request Refunds option and then follow the onscreen instructions to finish making your refund request on Alaska Airlines.

 For more info on how to cancel Alaska Airlines flight ticket, cancellations & refund policy, contact the airline’s customer service and speak to the live experts.